Kiddies Heaven

Kiddies Heaven

Kiddies Heaven is a private institution registered by the Department of Social Services and Population, the Department of Health and the Municipality, to operate as a Baby Care Center, Creche, Morning Care and After Care, in Kimberley.

Die fokus van Kiddies Heaven is die bedryf van Vroeë Kinderontwikkelingsentrum (VKO) wat daarna streef om die voorskoolse kind op ‘n informele wyse liggaamlik, verstandelik en emosioneel voor te berei vir die formele skool situasie.

Ons kleuterskool onderwysers is almal opgelei (ECD L4) en volg die Suid Afrikaanse Nationale Kurrikulum raamwerk soos voorgeskryf in samewerking met die Departement van Onderwys.

Meet the

Owner & Principal

Pete van Zyl

Pete was born in Sinoia, Zimbabwe and moved to South Africa in 1979. He matriculated at Kimberley Boys High in 1984 and served in the National Defence Force until he started working at Jaff and Co in 1987.
He is a keen sportsman, great husband and an amazing father.
When asked to describe Pete, I recall Galatians 5:22; “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
He is the best “Boss” Kiddies Heaven could ask for.

Amanda van Zyl

Amanda was born in Cape Town, matriculated in 1984 at Durbanville High School and then further her education at the Wellington Teacher’s Training College. She completed her studies in 1988 and excepted a position as teacher at N.J. Heyns School in Kimberley in 1989 until 2002. She taught at Northern Cape High School from 2005 – 2016.
Children is close and dear to her. She is a community worker and is always busy doing charity work and helping where help is needed.
She is friendly, kind, hardworking, goal-driven, loyal, respectful and loving person that enjoys a challenge.



Kiddies Heaven was founded by Glynis Swarts in January 1998. She was a vibrant lady with a lot to offer our children.

Glynis started something in Kimberley that was unique and upmarket. The standard she set was high and in demand.

She began with a small group of 8 children. My son at the time was 2 years old, and one of the fortunate ones to attend Kiddies Heaven. She originally started the class in her double garage at her home – nr. 8 Rust en Vreugd, Royldene, Kimberley. It became such a popular playgroup that by the end of 2002 it expanded so much that they eventually rezoned it to a business property with creche status.

Kiddies Heaven had a cook (still with us), cleaner (still with us), a teacher (still with us) and caregivers (4  of them still with us), working for her at the time.

Glynis then decided to leave Kimberley to be with her children and offered me the opportunity to buy the creche and property from her. It was a big decision for me being in the teaching profession for 14 years at the time, but it had its benefits. I could spend more time with my own children.

My husband and I bought the creche in 2003. I was nervous at first coming out of the teaching profession (high school learners) and then running a business with 84 pre-school children. It was a major adaption and very stressful. 

We started off with a baby section and 3 classes (2-3; 3-4 and 4-5 years), when we took over in 2003. In 2005 we saw the need for an after care center and opened one next to Newton Primary School. In 2006 we started our second aftercare center opposite Eureka Primary School. We then saw the opportunity to start a baby care center, but it came with a price. 

My husband, Pete, was the Factory Manager at Jaff & Company where he worked his life (23 years). I had to convince him it was time for us to join forces and work together to render a service where we reach out to the community and have the wonderful privilege to work with God’s crowned jewels. The demand for Baby Care gave us the opportunity to open our 4th center in 2007 in Hadison Park, with my Mother-in-Law, Jenny van Zyl, taking control and managing it for us. She has 28 years experience as a Pre-School teacher and her kind and loving nature makes it a haven for parents to leave their children with peace of mind, while they work. Sadly, due to Covid-19 we had to close in December of 2020.

Our 5th center, our newest addition to our group, came to  to light in 2015, the 7th of April. We decided to use our Eureka After Care more effectively by dividing it into 2 sections; a Morning Care Facility that becomes an After Care Facility for Gr R and RR learners in the afternoon. It is unique and a small group of toddlers that come and learn and play from 7 to 12 o’clock daily and from 12:30 we render a service for 15 Gr R and RR learners from Eureka Primary School.

We are fortunate and blessed to have a brilliant, reliable and hardworking staff that always put our children first. They have a reputation of being loyal, honest and committed to their daily tasks. People crossing our threshold experience our staff’s unconditional love and sincerity. 

Today we have 26 staff members on our payroll. We cater for 230 children daily at our 4 different centers. We have truly been blessed beyond measure and we have the wonderful opportunity to work together as a mean, goal-driven team.

We see the challenge we face daily as a blessing and we thank our parents, staff and children for entrusting their lives into our hands and for giving us the opportunity to build a KIDDIES HEAVEN family with God as our anchor, guardian and Spiritual leader.

Ons Visie en Missie


By Kiddies Heaven streef ons daarna om kinders in ‘n huislike omgewing opvoedkundig te stimuleer, liefde en aandag te gee en die geleentheid te bied waar maats in groepverband leer om met mekaar te speel en mekaar beter te leer ken. Ons instansie is gebasseer op Christelike beginsels.


It is our belief that every child is a precious and wonderful gift worthy of unconditional love and deserving of the right to learn and play in a secure, stimulating and happy environment. With such a foundation every child has the ability to develop and grow into young adulthood with a positive belief in themselves to succeed throughout life.